Clash Royale Latest Update: “2vs2 Clan Battle” Mode Officially Announced

After the last update with the clash of clan chest was rolled out, the next big update for Clash Royale coming very soon. The “New Clan Battle” mode, which has been requested by many users, It will be officially announced about working of mod.

New Clan update already been leaked through screenshots. SuperCell announced yesterday on that the “2vs2 Clan Battle” mode should soon be rolled out. In addition to the classic 1-vs-1 match, you can fight against other clans or with your clan members.

How the Team Battle works?

You create a request and wait until another clan member accepts it. After a few seconds competitor challenge accepted, an enemy clan is searched for the fight started.

Each clan has two kings that share a higher energy bar. When one of your outer towers falls, both Kingstorms are activated and shoot at the opposing troops. Applied spells continue to cause the same damage as in normal mode, even if they hit both towers at the same time.

At the beginning of the match, you will see the deck of your partner for a short time. In the game, you’ll see where your partner placed his card. A great help for strategic decisions. Each player has 10 elixirs, which can not be shared together. An elixir pumps only for the player who has set it. The anger and clone spell have an effect on the troops of both players.

The developers decided to reduce the elixir speed. The elixir is generated at regular time with 85% of the normal speed, and in the double elixir time, with 70%. The arena, behind the towers, However, was slightly expanded so that troops can be placed a little further back.

Proper communication brings strategic advantages:

An advantage with the Clan Battles is certainly the right communication. Latest Mobiles and Tabs have enough power to run the game itself and an Internet telephony app at the same time. This allows you to talk to your match partner while you are fighting.

Update in March?

It’s to be assumed that the update is already scheduled in March. So far, all official announcements have been implemented within a few days/weeks. Since the first April is still in the far distance, can not be expressed by a April joke, as many players suspect.

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